Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Welcome to The RTP Scrolls

"The RTP Scrolls" is a blog dedicated to my observations about corporate culture and product development. The Internet is crowded with many good resources on both topics but I always wanted to write about the influence of the first over the second.

I believe human nature plays a large role in the way corporate culture is shaped. I also believe that human nature and corporate culture tend to affect the judgment of product development teams in ways that they cannot understand, or at least acknowledge at a conscious level.

The intent of "The RTP Scrolls" is to draw analogies from other fields of the industry (automotive and construction are my favorites) with the way software is created. I will also have some fun drawing the analogies from unexpected sources, borrowing examples from Mother Nature, mathematics, physics, biology, politics and on occasion, metaphysics.

PS: RTP stands for Research Triangle Park, a public/private, planned research park, created in North Carolina in 1959 by leaders from business, academia and industry. You can read more about RTP in http://www.rtp.org.

I hope you will enjoy the content as much as I have fun writing it.

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