Friday, March 30, 2007

"No Jerks Allowed"

Businessman yelling at coworker with megaphoneThe most recent issue of Time Magazine brings an article titled "No Jerks Allowed". It is an interesting perspective on a trend of the same name in the workplace.

The author hit a misguided note while putting brilliant, albeit abrasive, bosses in the same bag as the office variety bully; but I quote a passage that made me laugh out loud:
An IT company he mentions went so far as to calculate a star salesman's TCA--total cost of a**hole--by totting up expenses attributed to his behavior. Turnover, legal bills and anger-management courses rang up a TCA of $160,000. So the company jerked some of the jerk's bonus.
The online version of the article also has a link to a priceless "self-test" quiz.


BRyan said...

This is another example that illustrates the fact that "Manners Matter."
Talented people can be capable of self control. But if they don't use it, they're infecting the rest of the org with their bad behavior, and then I say good riddance!

Denilson Nastacio said...

I used to wonder whether brilliant people would just tend to get annoyed dealing with people that couldn't grasp their brilliance. But now I share your view in that the number of people brilliant enough to offset their terrible manners is probably so small that I will never meet one in person.

In short, odds are that the regular jerk in the office is just hiding incompetence by acting annoyed.

BRyan said...

Indeed. And ranting or raging esp. in the 'blogosphere' is an expression of their inarticulate incompetence.
See this latest post on the Creating Passionate Users blog.
What a mess!

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