Friday, September 28, 2007

Choose your next assignment

Fantastic series of articles, titled "Top Companies for Leaders 2007" in the latest edition of the Fortune Magazine.

There is an interesting quiz, titled "Are you a good leader?", which is worth taking whether you are on your way to become the next CEO or just curious about what the "right" answers should be.


Now for the best part, the article about Google and Whole Foods, from which I quote the intriguing
"At Whole Foods Market ... the basic organizational unit is not the store but the team. ... Every new associate is provisionally assigned to a team. After a four-week work trial, teammates vote on the applicant's fate; a newbie needs a two-thirds majority vote to win a full-time spot on the team."
and the great

'"If at all possible, we want people to commit to things rather than be assigned to things," says Shona Brown, Google's VP for operations. "If you see an opportunity, go for it."'

My first thought was that only executives got to choose their assignments, but a few moments later, revisiting various moments in my career, it was clear that the leadership chain not always knew exactly what I should be doing down to every year-round assignment.

Truth is, not everybody can choose their assignments, but then again, not everybody is a leader.

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