Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Anthill, collective wisdom, and survival

In a typical anthill, foraging follows a pattern where the ants walk at random, stumble upon food, and return whatever they can carry back to the anthill. On their way back, they leave behind a trail of pheromones to attract other ants. Soon, a somewhat ordered line of ants can be found hard at work between the food source and the anthill.

Ants know a thing or two about cooperating with each other.

Now just imagine what would happen if ants stumbling upon food did not leave a trail of pheromones behind, or if the other ants were not to follow the trail.

That is the predicament of many large companies who have not embraced the internal deployment of social software within their firewalls.

Just the other day I read a thread where web 2.0 on the enterprise was described as the latest fad in the corporate world. I responded with a long argument about the benefits observed in the deployments within our company.

I should have talked about anthills.

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