Thursday, January 15, 2009

Barack Obama, on management

Political opinions aside, Barack Obama and his team ran one of the most efficient, most successful, large scale political campaigns in recent history. An accomplished manager himself, he offered his views on management in a recent interview on Time Magazine:

"I don't think there's some magic trick here. I think I've got a good nose for talent, so I hire really good people. And I've got a pretty healthy ego, so I'm not scared of hiring the smartest people, even when they're smarter than me. And I have a low tolerance of nonsense and turf battles and game-playing, and I send that message very clearly. And so over time, I think, people start trusting each other, and they stay focused on mission, as opposed to personal ambition or grievance. If you've got really smart people who are all focused on the same mission, then usually you can get some things done."

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